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Is MCT Oil a Superfood?

There have been many gossips at the gym and grocery stores saying how MCT oil can be considered as a superfood. Here, we will try to uncover these rumors and at the same time, explain the mystery revolving around this ingredient.

As a matter of fact, MCT oil is a saturated fatty acid made by man. By combining medium chain triglycerides from coconut oil and palm oil, scientists in laboratories are able to come up with pure MCT oil. Knowing the effects of MCTs all come down to knowing why they’re used best for you rather than its long chain counterpart. The number of carbon molecules attached to it is what represented by the length of medium and long chain triglycerides.

There are some wondering why medium is better compared to long. The fact is, there are 6 to 8 carbon molecules found in MCTs which allow it to be digested faster and be used as a source for clean fuel for the body and the brain. In other words, it can provide the energy that your body needs without filling it with stuff that it does not need. When it comes to long chains however, it have 10 to 12 carbon molecules that can take longer to metabolize and for that, it can be stored as fat.

Without a doubt, you’ve been trained to fear using saturated fats but today, there are more and more fitness enthusiasts and even researchers who suggest that not all saturated fats must be seen negatively and this includes fat in pure MCT oil. The idea behind here is that, by supplying your body with this quick digesting fat helps the body to absorb it and metabolize them faster in exchange for energy. When it comes to slow burning longer chain fats however, it is just stored such as palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil and beef fat.

Most of the health benefits surrounding MCT oil hype has more to do with weight loss as well as metabolism. Whether you believe it or not, there is a study which says that people can lose weight and at the same time, decrease their body fat by utilizing MCT oil instead of olive oil. Weight loss bonus that you can get from MCT oil has something to do with higher burn rate or simply put, your body is able to metabolize fats faster which boost your body’s metabolism.

Other studies linked to the use of MCTs are that it can help in decreasing cardiovascular problems and Alzheimer’s disease. This research however still requires support because experts say that it is still too early to make claims and that studies around it are limited.

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