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A Walking Holiday in Malta

From fall to spring, after the hot summer months, it would be great to go to Malta to experience the beautiful countryside which is full of life. Life here is in the form of greens and blooming plants especially in the late part of the spring.

It is not only the great sunny weather and the beautiful sea that can be experienced in Malta but much more. Although there are many great resorts and activities that can be done in the urban side of Malta, you can have a different kind of holiday in parts untouched by modernization and boasts of lovely counrysides. IN this part of Malta, farmers and fishermen thrive and it is centered in agricultural and fishing activities. In these Maltese villages their old way of life is preserved. The main living of men and women in this place is in the fields and out in the sea.

Tourists who want to get a real feel of the Maltese landscape away from the urban world, will have a great time having walks in the country. Couples, groups of friends, and single travelers who love nature and want to get away from the busy city life would do well to have this type of vacation.

It is surprising how guidebooks do not include these types of country walks. The only thing required here is a good pair of shoes and you can enjoy exploring the hidden and secluded areas around the island. A Maltese holiday can be a walking holiday and there are many options for a Malta walk including the Bahrija walk, Dwejra walk, girgenti walk or the marfa walk.

In the Maltese islands one can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean. IN these places are dramatic cliffs, garrigue scrublands, luscious hills and valleys. Families working on their farmlands, goat and sheep herds, old farmhouse, cave chapels and prehistoric sites are what you will see during your walk along the countryside. There are a lot of areas in Malta that are great for day hikes. These include Mallieha, Dingli, Ghar Lapsi, Fawwara, Wardija, the various bays, and the southern coast with its fishing villages and Delimara Point.

A walk on the Gozo is ideal if you want to slow down and enjoy the countryside. This place is characterized by sunny skies with a relaxed pace of life. The Ta Dglebi, Gordan Lighthouse, Hondoq ir-Rummient, and San Blas Valley are the other walking places in this part of Malta. The island has many criss-crossed tracks showing that the possibilities are endless in the place. The place called Tiny Camino has 15 residents and is one of the ideal hiking places in the island. It you want solitude and awesome views, then this is the place to take a walk.

If you head out from the village squares on the farmers’ tracks then you can experience the timeless landscape alone even during the peak season. Discover old farmhouses, wayside chapels and spectacular seascapes in Malta.

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